Racquetball is described as a cross between the games of tennis and squash, although racquetball is easier to play and a lot of fun.

This is an ideal indoor activity for those who can manage to pull themselves off the couch and into action.

This uncomplicated game can be learned in the space of 60 seconds and all you need is a play-mate or three to get going.

The game is played on a standard squash court, but unlike squash, you play with a bigger and bouncier blue ball. As the racquet has a larger head and a shorter handle it is easy to play with and if you haven’t played any racquet sports before, racquetball is a great way to start.

Described as an excellent fat-burner, racquetball encourages longer rallying, giving you sustained aerobic activity. The game will also improve your hand-eye co-ordination skills as the ball bounces around the walls of the court.


You can play singles or doubles and mixed play is very popular. People of all ages can get onto a court and play. If you’ve played squash or tennis before but you’re looking for a similar game that’s easier on the body, or perhaps a beginner wanting to try an indoor sport that’s easy to play, then Racquetball is a perfect fit.

If you’re interested in trying racquetball there are social and pennant competitions at several clubs situated all over Adelaide. Please contact Squash SA squash@squashsa.asn.au  for more information.

Introduction to Racquetball