1.  Wear sports clothing and sports shoes, preferably white soled

2.  Bring some water, and a lot of energy

3.  Hire a racquet from your local Centre. Ask the centre operator what is the appropriate ball for your level - different balls bounce more or less than others. Squash balls take a while to 'warm up'.

4.  Stand in the servicebox, and hit the ball on the front wall between the serviceline and outline

5.  Take it in turns hitting the ball against the front wall - this is called a rally. The ball can hit the side or back walls, but it must hit the front wall. You need to hit the ball before it bounces on the floor twice.  

6.  The ball must hit the wall below the outline and above the tin 

7.  Try to hit the ball away from the other player 

8.  If you win the rally, you get to serve.  You keep serving from alternate sides until your opponent wins a rally, then they serve.

9.  Games are played a point a rally (whoever wins the rally gets a point) up to 11 or 15 points, best of 5.

10. Use our court finder to find your local courts.  


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